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This page is set aside for me, or others, to write about subjects that require something be said.
~I, of course, will be the judge~

What should I bitch and complain about tonight? The fact that the people of this country are asleep at the wheel? Last time I fell asleep at the wheel (or passed out), I had a bad wreck. So is our great nation headed for a crash? How is it from one level of society to the other, integrity is gone? We hear news stories of bad cops, prosecutors and reporters that are lying in print!
So the end justifies the means...or...so it seems to many people. Is greed so great, that people will say or do anything for money? I thought having a good time was the most sought after thing. Like: riding, sex and beer! If I have those three things, life is good (well maybe smokes too).
What is the point of this pointless commentary? I think the point is that the Big, Bad Government says that I cannot ride naked on the beach with my old lady. That I must pay for my bike over and over again with annual luxury taxes. That even my beer must be taxed. First tax my wages, then tax everything I buy with the remainder. Then tell me what I can and cannot do with the balance of my money and time.
Big Brother is getting bigger and meaner every day. Freedom means I can do what I want, when I want, where I want. The only exceptions to that should be to respect others property and persons. Our elected officials have decided to narrow these choices down. After all, they do believe themselves to be smarter than us. They must know what is best! Or do they? Speed traps, kangaroo courts, false imprisonment, held without bail. The list goes on and on. Prosecutors are more interested in making a name for themselves than truth and justice.
Oh, truth and justice? Oh, that integrety thing again. TV and movie cops always seem to be the good guys... real cops only seem to be interested in bullying people and showing they they are the boss. We even had an FBI agent who sold out our country for money! Our FBI and all other federal police agencies are only interested in making stats look good.

Well enought for tonight...I think I will go back to that beer. But before I do, let me conclude with this: WE NEED TO GET INVOLVED WITH OUR GOVERNMENT..WE NEED TO LET THEM KNOW WHAT AND HOW WE THINK, AND WHAT WE BELIEVE IN!

an old rant:
Several years ago, at Myrtle Beach Bike week, I observed a number of things I find disturbing. Such as the FBI, and state and local law enforcement photographing anyone who went in, or came out of the Holiday Inn. Because some Hells Angels were staying there. So apparently, anyone who comes to visit the HA's, for whatever reason, will now be investigated by the FBI and/ or local cops? Why?
Is this an invasion of privacy? Do they have the right to pre-judge anyone who comes to the hotel? It has been said that to be a patch holder with any club (and wear your colors), is a billboard that says to law enforcement that you need to be locked up. In the case of the HA's it is a full-time profession for many federal and state and local cops.
In conclusion: Why do we let them come after Bikers? Maybe we should band together, hire big-league lawyers, and sue the cops..?
They talk about freedom and liberty, while abusing our rights at the same time!

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